About the best psychic, healer and medium...

In 1974, and under some very special circumstances, Ignacio was born in a small city in Spain. Soon and during his early days his family realized that he had some very special gifts that allowed him to foresee and influence people´s fortunes.


In 1994, and at age 18, Ignacio moved into the United States where he met who will become his most influential person, and metaphysical science guide, Madam Tara Johns. She, who rests in peace now, helped Ignacio understand the true meaning of his abilities, and prepared him for a life of achievements in the help of others.


In the late 90´s Ignacio attended, and graduated, the University of San Diego, CA, and immediately after this, he continued his studies in metaphysical science. Ever since then, Ignacio has not stopped to explore this mysterious world for most of us, saving at the same time many people´s life´s and fortunes. In 2008 he even helped the Los Angeles Police Department, solve various pending cases.


In 2013 Ignacio received a call from an ancient monastery in South East Asia, who offered him to help him in his work. He then moved to the deep mountains of Taiwan, where he found all the tools that he needs to fully develop his skills and to faithfully find a solution to other human being´s problems.


Ignacio has helped many people from all around the world achieve their true happiness, something which many people cannot attain on their own, and continues actively to do so. He has unremarkably dedicated his life´s gifts and deep knowledge in the help of others, aiding them to find happiness and peace of mind.