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"Master Ignacio has helped me to recover my life and bring back the love of my life. I cannot express with words my gratitude towards him." Melanie from Tampa, Florida.

"I feel so well again... Master Ignacio healed what countless numbers of doctors could not heal for my 5 year old son" Susy from New York, New York.

"My 10 year old daughter is like a normal girl again after D. Ignacio ended her autism condition. We had tried all kinds of treatments until we heard about Ignacio´s powerful gifts. We are so thankful to him..." Margaret and William, from Melbourne, Australia.

"Master Ignacio helped me save my company from bankruptcy and brought back our sales to never seen by us total sales"; Mark Bedstein from San Diego, California.

"Llevaba 3 años sin poder encontrar trabajo y mi vida había alcanzado un límite de desesperación inigualable, Don Ignacio puso fin a este tormento en una semana"  Rafael Villanueva de Madrid, España.

"I had reached the bottom and I could not move, Mr. Ignacio brought me back to life after 3 years of deep darkness" Alex from London, UK.

"Thank you Ignacio, you saved our marriage and our lives" Michael Chang and Lidia Tseng from Taipei, Taiwan.

"My family will always thank you for what you did to us...Thank you so much!" Francesca from Alberta, Canada.

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