About Religion

About Religion

Help and cherish those in need, including all animals, and you will find Religion at its highest level. 

The Universe is too perfect to be the result of an accident. There must to be something that has allowed all of this, but no one knows what it is. We are just trying to explain what we feel that is there, but that it is way too complex for us to explain. The result is that through history we have been creating authentic balls of snow which have kept rolling through the years getting bigger and bigger.

The best is not to complicate ourselves and be good with the people, the animals and Nature in general. No one has created us to go on our knees or to pray to him or her; that is for sure. Anyways, going on our knees is easy, but sharing and helping other is the hard part. This is what we all have to do, the rest is a no sense that help us to excuse and cover our moral defects and that has served others to do the same with horrible crimes against humanity.

We are not the center of the Universe and for as long as people cannot understand this and act in consequence, they will be self-centered selfish souls that think that they have the right to hurt other animals, destroy Nature and so on.


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      David Levin

      We have eliminated and destroyed a large part of the animals and beauties of our planet. Furthermore religions have been so damaging to us.

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      Mary L.

      Very good, Bravo!!

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      I totally agree with this post, it should be sent to all religious and non religious people.

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      Uau!! So truth...!!!

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      Realmente este post ha dado en el clavo. Brillante!

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